Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter 2016

Hi everyone!

The last few weeks have been NUTS but it ended with a beautiful Easter weekend, filled with sugar, family and me officially joining the Catholic Church.

Hot Cross Buns for Good Friday:

This was my first time making these...they came out okay. They made great French toast the next morning. lol Looking forward to trying them again next year.

Easter food prep:

This is my Easter cheese setting up in the fridge. Yes, my mold is a flower pot and yes, that is a dumbbell weight on the top. lol I got the recipe for both the cheese and Easter bread from the husband's grandparents (his great grandparents were Russian so that's the versions we make). This is my second year making them and I look forward to it. I wish they were here to be impressed by their granddaughter-in-law who has no clue what she's doing. LOL ;) So that turned into:

Basically what we live off of for the next week. LOL :P Then of course, we dyed Easter eggs:

Peeps cookies!

Gotta get my Peeps in there. lol It was a great holiday weekend!

Monday, March 7, 2016

The Nontoxic Project: Amazing You

Hi everyone!

Whew, FINALLY back with an update on The Nontoxic Project.

Why has it taken my so long to post this? Well, this one kicked my butt, quite frankly. I just couldn't get a handle on what I wanted to do with the second two page spread. And to be honest, I wasn't sure direction this whole thing was going in anyway. LOL Like, I knew that I wanted to completely demolish and rebuild (in a sense) this toxic journal of mine from 2003 but did I want to go all schmaltzy and positive vibe thing? Or some new sort of angst? Or something that had nothing to do with anything? I started out with the intention to alter it, without any real plan or theme or whatever. So this one took me a while. I'd throw some stuff down and pick it back up, I liked what I was doing and then I didn't...

But in the end, I feel like it all worked out:

This time I started by gesso'ing the pages before spraying them down with Dylusions ink sprays. That made the inks less vibrant which I liked. Then I thought to break into my old bottle of Crackle Accents and completely covered them. lol The effect was cool but it brought back the vibrancy of the inks....which I liked even better. lol

Lots of stenciling and washi tape on this set as well. I also added Crackle Accents to the ladies, but that didn't show up as well as it did in my head. Bummer. lol I decided I kind of wanted it to mirror the previous spread so I did another tag/tag pocket combo. :D I also used the second witch from the napkin I used on the first tag...I like continuity....sometimes. lol

I also altered this "Shopping Queen" and made her "Queen of Baggage" instead. Get it? HA!

I combined two Cosmo Cricket phrase stickers and changed them to read, "Do something nice for amazing you". We all need to do something nice for ourselves as well as others, right? :)

More to come soon, I've still got the shadowbox area in the front of the book to do as well as the cover...think I'll do something with the cover... Do you have toxic things on your shelves or in your drawers (dresser drawers not the, you know, underwear kind) that needs a detox? Let's do this together! If you're inspired, pick it up and run with it!

Whatever you do, please do share with me!!! Leave a link in the comments, send me an email, @ me on Twitter or Instagram, let's clean out and reclaim together! :D

Time to detox...mixed media style! :D

Friday, March 4, 2016

Friday Night Fab Five: Random Bits

Hi everyone! This week's Friday Night Fab Five is all sorts of random. lol I apologize for being somewhat absent this week, Toot had her ballet exams so we were all up in that and then Zippy came down with some sort of stomach bug which was so much fun and you should really try it sometime*.

*That was a joke. Stomach bugs are the worst, don't try them sometime.

Anyhoo, here's my hastily blogged together Fab Five! They're random picks but I'm a random kinda gal sooooooo....

1. Twinkie Chan's Cupcake Hair Clip

Twinkie Chan is my hooking hero. She's one of the artists that really inspired me to start hooking again and I can't wait for her new book to come out! And speaking of Twinkie Chan...

2. The Tissue Box Bakery

I think I may have written about Tissue Box Bakery here before but basically, you can crochet a super cute cake type tissue box cover, donate it to TTBB and they'll add it to their store, with proceeds going to

3. Ballet Cuteness

Our lives are BALLETBALLETBALLETBALLET lately with no signs of slowing down. lol We found this super cute warm up jumpsuit from Dancer.NYC14 on etsy. Very cute and comfortable, done and done.

4. Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

Not that I have time to play video games anymore...but Happy Home Designer is a great little addition to the Animal Crossing series, one of my favorite franchises ever.

5. Undercover Boss: Starkiller Base

One of the best SNL Star Wars bits!

And there you have it! A very random Friday Night Fab Five! Have a great weekend! :D