Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Hey everybody!

New art journal page today, I kind of said, screw this by the end of it though. lol The past couple of days have not been the best for me and if they had a face I would have punched them. :P

I started with one of my pre-misted Dylusions ink backgrounds. I really didn't want to add too much texture or layers because I really loved the color effect it had. So I kept it simple. I've got a friend who gives me her old magazines so I enjoy cutting things out of them to glue somewhere else later. That's where my boxing chick came from. :)

Like I said, this one is pretty simple...although now that I'm looking at it, I think I meant to ink up that library book card. Darn it! Oh well, it's all good anyway. lol >.< The line at the bottom, "Elderly nothing!" I said, with some spirit." was actually on the backside of another line I was going to use somewhere but I felt it fit with the general theme of this page: my own growth and changes, physically and mentally, my willingness to start punching s*&$ out instead of continuing to let it slide and my admitted bad mood. LOL

There's been a lot of changes in me lately as a matter of fact. I want to blog about them because I finally feel like I'm at a point that I want to share and not keep hiding behind my "everything is awesome!" attitude. So yah, we'll see when that post gets written. lol

Thanks for taking a peek into my mood swing! Glitter glue and booze for everyone! ;)

Monday, June 16, 2014

TuTu Cute Crocheted Bag

Hi everyone!

I've got a crochet project for you today. :) Toot is way into ballet now so I started looking around for ballet themed crochet patterns. Funny enough, I didn't find that much that wasn't slippers or wrap tops. lol But I did find this sweet (and free) TuTu Cute bag pattern on the Love of Crochet website. (My Ravelry page for this project is HERE.)

I was surprised to learn that the whole thing is made with tulle. I've never crocheted with tulle before but I found it pretty easy to work with and it gave the bag a super durable feel.

I made a couple of changes, like tying the handles at the bottom with a bow instead of tying them at the shoulder. I was worried Toot would just end up untying them all the time. lol I also added extra tulle along the bottom for the "tutu" and cut it short so that it would be extra fluffy. lol

The bag itself is made flat but is actually pretty roomy thanks to the stretch of the tulle. All in all, a very easy pattern and a quick hook up. :) The end result is super cute and I'd love to make more in different color combos!

Monday, June 9, 2014

An Exciting Story

Hi everyone!

I've got another art journal page for you today, filled with Dylusions inks, washi tape, stenciling (via punchinella, a Dyan Reaveley stencil and a paper doily) with chalk inks and all sorts of What-the-Heck haphazardry. lol

I started with the washi tape and stenciled border and was stuck until finding this picture of Marilyn Monroe reading a book (which I've had for the LONGEST time). The best part was that her top sort of matched a patterned in one of the washi tapes so she was born to be on this page as far as I'm concerned. LOL Thanks for getting rid of the block on this one, Marilyn!

I really wanted her to be sitting on a stack of books but me no draw so good so I did the next best thing (i.e. - creative cheating, lol) which was cutting out flat oval-y shapes from old book pages and then "sketching" the outlines and writing in titles. lol

I love this page because books were everything to me when I was younger. There's nothing like reading a truly exciting story. :) This one came together a little quicker than previous pages so maybe this is part of a trend of getting things created faster? One can dream! lol

Have a great day!