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금요일 밤 Fab Five: Movie Night!

Hi everyone and welcome to another Friday Night Fab Five where I list 5 things I'm obsessed with and this week it's ALL about foreign films which I've become addicted to hardcore lately. lol You can stream a lot of excellent international movies on Netflix, here's my current top 5:

1. Castaway on the Moon (South Korea)

Castaway on the Moon is an excellent, super fun movie about a guy who tries to kill himself by jumping off a bridge (just trust me, it gets fun) but instead of dying, he ends up washed up on the shore of a conservation island thingie in the middle of the Han River.

2. Love in Space (Hong Kong)

Love in Space is an adorable romantic movie about three sisters and their love lives, one of which actually does happen in space. :D

3. Baby and Me (South Korea) *called Baby and I in some versions*

Okay so in Baby and Me, this 18 year old boy turns around to discover a baby in his shopping cart. Very funny, very sweet and this baby is the cutest baby I've ever se…

A Day with the Girls

Hi everyone!

Took a break from spraying backgrounds in my Dylusions art journal to complete a page! Way back when, my friend Carmen sent me a set of postcards with reproductions of vintage photographs on them. Super cool! So I used one and did a sort of fake scrapbook page in my art journal:

So I had this postcard and on the back it said that it was taken in Eastbourne in July of 1957. So I wrote that under the picture with a title of, "A Day with the Girls!" to make it look like someone had scrapped it. :D Of course the background is a little on the messy side (just the way I like it, lol) with a collection of Dylusions ink sprays and some chalk inking through some heart punchinella (P.S.-thanks for that tip, Peg!)

I added some red gingham washi tape and stamped "Smile" on the bottom of the page. The little frame around "Smile" was all white but I sprayed it and then inked it a little so it would stand out more. This page is pretty simple and it'…

Creating in Stages

Hi everyone! Hope y'all had a great weekend! We saw "Pacific Rim" yesterday, pretty entertaining if you like super ginormous monsters fighting super ginormous robots...which we do. :P Anyhoo, nothing finished to show off today BUT I'm getting some layers done. :D

At the end of the week I got a package that was COVERED in stamps, apparently the postage meter thingie was busted which is an AWESOME score for a creative scavenger like myself. :D So I immediately cut all the stamps off of the box and since it was still sticky on the back, I just grabbed my art journal and stuck them down on one of the inked up pages I did earlier:

I left it for a while, not sure if I wanted to finish ink spraying all of the other pages first or what. But in the end, I got bored and decided just to start layering on this background a bit. I slapped on a little gesso and when I realized I had used too much (of course), I scraped some off (which I then turned around and mooshed onto ano…

And That Was All There Was To It

Hi everyone! I've got another 4x4 wood plaque for you today, this time it's round. Oooooooooo fancy!

So I started just by slapping on some gesso and spraying it down with 3 different Dylusions Ink Sprays in Pure Sunshine, Lemon Zest and Squeezed Orange. Which was fine except that with the wood color and the gesso, it muted the color of the inks which is no good for Maggi cause Maggi likes BRIGHT COLORS THAT ARE TOTALLY IN YOUR FACE...

So I just kept layering the gesso and spraying it down till I got a good (to me) color base. On the plus side, I smooshed the plaque into my art journal to use up the excess gesso and ink. Having your art journal handy while you're working on something else is a great way to use up supplies you might have otherwise wiped up or washed off.

Anyhoo, back to this plaque. I thought I was doing pretty good, decided to add some Mail Art washi tape AND tried stamping again. I was in the ZONE! Slinging inks around, making gesso my slave, stamping lik…

Girl on Film

Hi everyone! I've got a project to show you today and not just any project but a FINISHED project. Say WHAT?! That's right, it's a finished project. *gasp*

Okay so yeah, I started with this 4x4 blank wood plaque. I picked this up from a craft store for $1, I love finding these little cheap things to alter (okay fine, I put them in a box and think to myself, "I should alter this sometime" and it usually sits there forever but my point is, I love finding these things. :P)

Then I started just sticking stuff down, I really didn't have a direction. I put on some pieces of newspaper washi tape and a teeny piece of ephemera, then slapped on some gesso and spritzed it down with some Art Anthology Colorations matte spray in Heart. After that, I did some punchinella stenciling. And then I...well, I had no clue what to do at this point. I like to call this step: "Maggi Doesn't Know What the Hell She's Doing With This":

Sooooooo yeah...hmmm...let'…

How to Ruin a No Bake Dessert

Hi everyone and welcome to Maggi's Creative Craft Fail Corner where I provide the best tips, tricks and tutorials for failing spectacularly at any craft. Previously I taught you How to Set Your Microwave on Fire and How to Clog Your Kitchen Sink. In today's lesson, we're back in the kitchen and we're BAKING!!!!

Wut wut!

Okay, that doesn't really translate into the written word but basically I'm doing this:

I promise to never do that again.

Anyhoo, today we're ruining "Coconut Ice", which is just about the cutest, prettiest, shabbiest chic-est no bake dessert you ever did see. Isn't it bee-yoo-ti-ful?

This is a simple no bake dessert treat and when you take the time to mess it up correctly, it's sure to be a hit with your family and make your smarter, more literate friends green with envy.

Step 1

Read a Spring 2012 article in Where Women Cook about coconut ice and aprons. Decide that you will hit the ground running with the author's i…

It's Raining Mist, Hallelujah!

Hello everyone!

So in last week's Friday Night Fab Five, I mentioned the Dylusions Creative Journal and a Ranger Ink video by Dyan Reaveley called, Dylusions Art Journaling Creating a Page - Part 1. In this video, around the 1:30 mark, Dyan starts a new page and basically adds some colors using water and mists. Now, even though I've watched both parts of this video set all the way through multiple times, I decided to just dive into my new journal and mist up some backgrounds before doing anything else.

Now, if you watch Dyan do a quick flip through her book, she's got facing pages that are different colors, some it looks like she's done them one at a time which is so awesome. I decided to take the easy way and just color both facing pages at the same time. Doesn't mean I have to do a double spread each time but at least the first layer of background is complete!

My overall goal is to mist up backgrounds on all of my pages before doing anything else. You don&#…