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2010 Blog in Review

Hi everyone!

Well, last year I did a 2009 Blog in Review post where I listed my favorite post from each month so I thought I would do that again this year! :) All of the posts are linked up so feel free to review along with me...

January - "The Bachelor: On the Wings of Awkwardness" - Thus started my recapping of Jake's season of The Bachelor which started out with him being too nice and ended with him being Captain D-Bag. Let the recapping begin...

February - "Circle Journal: Why I Like Being a Girl" - This was a layout I did for a circle journal swap and once again it was a matter of me creating something I couldn't keep. lol But at least I have the pictures to keep me company. ;)

March - "The Layout Ninja" - Just a simple layout I made of Toot eating her first cupcake but I like it.

April - "Hooked Up" - Hey, having my name in print and winning a free year of one of my favorite magazines makes this the best post ever. ;)

May - "It…

Handmade Feature: Faery Moon Creations

Hi everyone!

Let's spend some of that Christmas gift money, yes? :D As I was perusing some of my favorite shops on Etsy, I noticed that one of my absolute favorite shops, Faery Moon Creations, run by the already absolutely fabulous Theresa was having a Holly Jolly sale and I decided spur of the moment to give y'all the heads up and show you some of my favorite pieces that you can get right now for a great price.

Earlier this year Theresa debuted her mixed media art pieces and I love love love them! My favorite is this one called, "The Earth Laughs in Flowers".

Oooooo, I saw this necklace, Down the Rabbit Hole and IMMEDIATELY thought of my fellow Wonderland inhabitants Callista and Deb. Love at first sight, snatch it up people! :D

The first time I saw Party Girl, I swooned. Yep, I actually did. It's fluffy and pink and perfectly pretty!

Speaking of pink and pretty, I just adore Theresa's Marie Antoinette line (being the proud owner of one of her Marie necklac…

Christmas Bloggin'

Hi everyone!

Ho ho ho, Christmas is here!

Last night we watched "Love Actually" (one of my husband's favorite Christmas movies, believe it or not) and made pierogies, a tradition his Grandmother had been doing years and years before she passed and one that we love carrying on now.

Tonight we're having some friends over to help us eat them (not that we need help, mind you, lol). I have to say that I must have been a very good girl this year because Santa really knocked my socks off:

My mom put all of her Santas on display (her birthday is in December so we get her a new Santa every year. :)

And so far, this is my favorite shot of Toot this Christmas:

I just wanted to pop in and wish y'all the very merriest of Christmases! I hope Santa brought you everything you wanted and nothing you needed. ;) Now go overindulge and enjoy the season!

Friday Night Fab Five: I Sleigh Me

Hi everyone!

I hope you've had a great week! I've been busy crocheting, cross stitching, wrapping presents and trying to keep Toot from spitting in the toilet (don't ask). But I have something triumphant to share with you: we tried "Santa Picture Round 2" and I got my picture! Granted, Toot wouldn't go near Santa but she would sit in his chair so Santa just kind of snuck (snucked? snanked? sneeked?) around and we got it. Toot did swipe the Elmo toy they use to get kids to laugh which was cool except that he looks like he's screaming for help:

"Elmo no like Santa, helpppppppp!"

BTW, I have to ask: Are you as off on your day as I am? I swear I've been thinking it's Monday all day long. Last Thursday I thought it was Tuesday...or was that yesterday? I think I've finally cracked...

Anyhoo, welcome to this week's Friday Night Fab Five (on the correct day thank you very much) where I list 5 things I currently love, think is cool or …

Drumroll Please...

Hi everyone!

Today we took Toot to see Santa Claus and get her picture taken! She was all dressed up, so sweet and cute. Anddddd here's her picture with Santa!

Great, isn't it? *sarcasm* Yep, after building it up for weeks, teaching her to say "Santa Claus" and watching Christmas shows since November, she would not look at, go near or be in the same general area as Santa. Booooooooo! We tried twice and it was a no-go both times. Grrrr...

And in other news....

We went in for an ultrasound today:


Toot is having a...



That's right, two girls in this house (3 including yours truly). Pray for my husband. ;)

I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty...

Hi everyone!

Boy, do I feel pretty! Actually, I don't - on top of being pregnant and already overweight, I have a wicked headache but hey, none of that matters because lookie lookie my blog looks pretty enough for the both of us! :D My fabulous friend, Traci from Sweet Cheeky Designs waved her digital magic wand and gave me a whole new look! What an awesome treat to get on a Monday! What do you think???

The rest of the week is looking pretty great too, my husband's birthday is tomorrow and I'm looking forward to eating his birthday cake in one sitting, Wednesday we find out what the sex of the baby is and Friday I'm getting together with my girls to for our annual "White Christmas" viewing party.

So in your face headache and general pregnancy blahs, my blog is looking fabulous and this week ain't looking so bad itself. :)

Friday Night Fab Five: Dot Com

Hi everyone and welcome to this week's Friday Night Fab Five where I list 5 things that I currently adore. This week is all about who knows what as I'm writing this off the top of my head. Should make for an interesting 5, no? Let's see what I manage to come up with here...Hey, I know! How about some ultra cool website-type places?

1. Lamebook

(From this post on Lamebook)
No lie, I spent about 2 hours (at least, I really don't want to tell you how long it really was) reading through Lamebook and I haven't laughed that hard in a looooong time. They showcase the best of the lamest on Facebook and it is awesome. It also serves as a reminder of why my profile is "Friends Only".

2. Ravelry
Ravelry is THE place to be if you're into crocheting, knitting or any fiber art. It's free to be a member of the community and it's filled with groups, forums and tons of patterns. Lots of fun stuff here.

3. Irregular Choice

("Trinklettina" on Irregu…

Big Gamer Giveaway!

Hi everyone!

Okay, they're not actually giving away a gamer but it looks like there is a HUGE giveaway up for grabs for the gamers (or spouses/parents of gamers) out there so I wanted to give you all a heads up and share my entry. They're giving away a Xbox 360/Kinect bundle, a Special Edition red Wii bundle and three Nintendo DSi XL bundles. PLUS a $1,000 GameStop gift certificate. Yeah baby!

Mama’s Holiday Wish List Meme

TodaysMama and GameStop are giving away a sleighful of gifts this holiday season and to enter I’m sharing this meme with you.

1. What is your holiday wish for your family?

I want my family to be happy and content, to feel free to embrace everything the Season has to offer.

2. What is your Christmas morning / Hanukkah Nightly tradition?

We wake up in the morning and run straight for the stockings (and yes, I still do this, lol). Then it's on to breakfast and family time! (and maybe a present or two :D)

3. If you could ask Santa for one, completely decadent w…